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    DTH hammers
    The DTH is the abbreviation of Down The Hole and sometimes it is also called RAB in some markets, then the RAB is short for Rotary Air Blasting
    DTH bits
    Sinodrills DTH bits are made of superior quality alloy steel which is made by Timken in U.S. Besides, all our DTH bits are using the brand "Element Six" T.C carbide which provides (the T.C buttons) for Boart Longyear
    DTH drill pipes
    SINODRILLS DTH drill pipeDTH drill pipes play a significant role in all DTH drilling, regardless of application, rock type, hole depth or drill rig. The key features of a high quality DTH tube are durability, accuracy and manageability. Sinodrills DTH dri
    Symmetric overburden casing drilling systems
    Symmetric is a system comprised of an ingeniously simple concentric method of drilling through overburden with casing
    Eccentric overburden casing drilling systems
    Eccentric is the most economical solutions because its ingenious reaming wing the bit is retrievable can be used at the next hole
    RC DTH Bit
    The RC bits are the tool cutting rock. SINODRILLS RC DTH bits are made of superior quality alloy steel and T.C carbides.
    RC DTH Hammer
    The reverse circulation hammer is used to collect underground rock and mineral samples quickly and efficiently using a pneumatic rotary drill.