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    SINODRILLS successfully completed the ISO certification annual review and CE certification update
    Time:2019-12-31 16:23:51From:This Site
    This month, after site inspection and rigorous testing of ourproducts by the certifying authority, we successfully completed the annualreview of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and the CE productcertification update. The successful completion of t
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    New uniform presents new mental outlook of SINODRILLS
    Time:2019-12-30 16:27:07From:This Site
    In order to highlight the corporate culture, show the spirit of the employee,while celebrating our highest annual sales in history. Therefore, our companystarted a new uniform replacement work earlier this month to welcome thearrival of 2020 and share the
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    A Good Journey to the "God Residence", Join Together to Create a New High
    Time:2019-08-26 16:21:55From:This Site
    Many of our clients enjoy a summer vacation every August and September, while it is also the annual travel season of SINODRILLS. On August 17, 2019, our company organized a four-day trip to Lugu Lake to thank all the staff for the hard work in the past ha
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    Guizhou Sinodrills’ Fully-carburized Taper Drill Rod
    Time:2019-07-02 15:07:50From:This Site
    The new-generation GSE taper drill rod of Guihou SINODRILLS has added the full carburization technology into its production process. By heating the drill rod in the carbonic materials under high temperature, the carbon atoms are diffused to the drill rod
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    Care the Employees, Enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival
    Time:2019-06-10 15:11:14From:This Site
    On the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival, Guizhou SINODRILLS in order to thanks for the hardworking of the overall employees, has inherited the operation philosophy of Putting People First, undertaken the unified arrangement, and carefully prepared the hea
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    SINODRILLS Rose, the new contribution of women
    Time:2019-03-08 09:45:53From:This Site
    In order to celebrate International Womens Day, better serve the majority of female employees, and make them a warm and harmonious festival. Our company has specially prepared holiday condolences for all female employees and all employees’ female family m
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    Care for employees, Care for Health-Guizhou SINODRILLS Health Examination in 2018.
    Time:2018-11-30 09:49:15From:This Site
    Guizhou SINODRILLS has been adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy and taking good care of the health of every SINODRILLS staff all the time. As part of the welfare system in the company, we have organized all our staff to carry out annual ph
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    Fascinating scenery in Dali, infinite vitality in Sinodrills
    Time:2018-11-26 14:25:37From:This Site
    To celebrate our record-breaking half-year sales performance in 2018, a three-day excursion was organized for our sales team from August 4th to 6th, which is also a very important part of our corporate culture.The trip destination was Dali, a famous touri
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    Sinodrills Wins the Great Honor Again
    Time:2018-09-28 14:12:08From:This Site
    Recently, SINODRILLS was awarded “Honoring Contract and Keeping Promise Enterprise” by Guizhou Industry and Commerce Bureau and Guiyang Industry and Commerce Bureau again. We owned acquired this honor for several consecutive years.Since the company has be
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    SINODRILLS awarded AEO certificate once again
    Time:2018-09-28 14:14:57From:This Site
    After a series of strict examinations and verifications by Guiyang Custom, we had been awarded with AEO certification once again. AEO (Authorize Economic Operator) is the common name for high credit enterprises in World Customs. The Customs determines tha
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    New appearance, new style
    Time:2018-08-17 15:34:56From:This Site
    To further enhance the enterprise image, show the spiritual outlook of all staffs, SINODRILLS custom-made new uniform for all company members. Beautiful scenery can be seen in our office, it made by the decent uniform and confident smile from each member.
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    Touring the most beautiful Jiuzaigou with SINODRILLS
    Time:2017-10-20 17:21:01From:This Site
    The tourist activity has always been part of the corporate culture of SINODRILLS, it not only enhances the sense of belonging of the employees, but also reflects the companys humanistic atmosphere, and it now becomes one of the most important activities
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    Six Patents Filed Successfully
    Time:2016-10-21 16:03:44From:This Site
    Sinodrills had taken out six patents issued by China’s State Intellectual Property Office, showing our breakthrough in the field of R&D and innovation.
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    New Color, New Start
    Time:2016-10-21 11:11:40From:This Site
    In order to improve products identity and user experience, Sinodrills unifies the color of Top-hammer drilling tools, DTH drilling tools, and SDA drilling tools since 2016.
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    Treat people with sincerity and manage enterprise with credibility
    Time:2016-10-11 11:10:04From:This Site
    Recently, Sinodrills was entitled as Honoring Contract and Keeping Promise Enterprise again by Guiyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau,a great honor retained for several consecutive years.
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