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  • The first time, but not the last time
    Time:2015-05-12 11:57:55From:This Site

    The 10th INTERMAT brought its curtain down on April 25th, 2015. Because of our wide range of products exhibition, passionate and professional product introduction, our booth has attracted more than 300 customers from over 20 countries during the six days fair. Most of the customers showed their interest in our products after communicating, especially DTH and Self Anchor drilling products. Some of them expressed their keen interest and willingness to cooperate with us.

    Our Booth

    This is our first time to INTERMAT. Because Europe is always our principal market, and Paris enjoys a unique geographical advantage, we’ve met and discussed with over 30 long-term cooperative customers and distributors from 15 countries during the event. We feel greatly honored. It not only makes us clearly know our customers’ needs, but also lays a solid foundation for providing better products and service in the future.

    Talking with our business partners

    Introducing our products to the customers

    Although the global drilling market is in a downturn, our products still hold a stable market share in Europe by virtue of superior quality, competitive price and better service. Thanks to INTERMAT, We are able to present our products, expertise and service to more potential customers. We’re looking forward to attending INTERMAT in beautiful Paris in 2018.