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  • SINODRILLS Rose, the new contribution of women
    Time:2019-03-08 09:45:53From:This Site

    In order to celebrate International Women's Day, better serve the majority of female employees, and make them a warm and harmonious festival. Our company has specially prepared holiday condolences for all female employees and all employees’ female family members of our company, also arranged rich and colorful activities to affirm the contribution of the female employees made in their respective jobs. At the same time, we are also grateful to the employees’ family members of all the staffs for their support for our work.


    Female employees are an indispensable force for the smooth development of the company's work. All business in SINODRILLS can develop steadily and achieve results, which cannot be separated from the hard work of all female employees. We hoped that female employees can be released from busy work and family matters by these activities, at the same time, we also put our company's care for employees into practice, so that all the staff can feel the warmth of the SINODRILLS family.