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  • Two well-known companies in the industry will achieve automatic blasting in 2020
    Time:2019-11-15 15:04:22From:This Site

    There are two famous companies are joining forces to develop a semi-automated explosives delivery system, enabling safer and more productive blasting operations in underground mines.

    This partnership will bring together the two companies’ expertise in the field to address the growing demand from customers mining in increasingly hazardous and challenging underground conditions.

    Together, the companies will combine theri wireless initiating system and automation strategies in the first steps to achieving their vision of automated drill and blast operations.

    The companies expect the first prototype system in 2020, with the first commercially available systems to come into service in 2021.

    As mine operations go deeper and ore bodies become more remote, implementing blasting automation becomes more necessary to keep up with the growing demand for commodities.

    “Automation is a key pillar of our technology strategy and supports our vision of transforming drill and blast to unlock mining value by creating safer and more sustainable operations,” This famous company said.